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So I spent last weekend at RECON in Montreal. My company sent me and it was definately an awesome time. On top of meeting indivuduals from Tipping Point, iDefense, Breaking Point, eEye and other well known companies, I was able to attend some very interesting talks. I plan on some more indepth write-ups on some of the talks I heard and some of the interesting things that were revealed at the con, in the mean time I'm going to just give a brief overfiew.

PaiMei was released over the weekend, it's a framework written in python for use with debugging and disassembly. Those of you interested can check it out @ http://www.openrce.org/downloads/details/208/PaiMei

Another great presentation was a talk on some of the cool new tools coming out of iDefense Labs, such as FileFuzz and COMRaider. Check them out @ http://labs.idefense.com/labs-software.php

There was a rather humourous presentation on social engineering for the pen tester... it contained decent information and definately kept people attentive... The speaker was from Ernst and Young UK.

There were plenty of other talks that also interested me, including Hardware Hacking, Reversing Microsoft Patches and many others... I will hopefully find time to write up on everything (for now I'm completely exhausted and still recovering)..

You can check out the conference slides @  http://www.recon.cx/en/f/ and also pictures that I took at http://www.computerdefense.org/recon/

That's all for now, but I'll check in with more over the next few days..


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