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Jealous of DaringFireball.net

February 5th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes... when I'm sitting around unhappy or maybe just feeling a little blue, I find myself jealous of DaringFireball.net and John Gruber... Now I know most people are probably shaking their heads and wondering why... but the answer is quite simple... "Ignorance is bliss"... and if that statement is true... that John Gruber must truly be the happiest man alive.

The latest debacle needs no response as it has already been answered, however I will provide the links required to read it through in it's entirety...

We'll start with Bill Gates and his comments in a recent Newsweek article... you know the one that's got everyone up in arms... If you haven't read it yet... Welcome Back... How was the Coma? If you have... proceed to the next paragraph (this is kinda like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books).

Your next choice is even more difficult... Do you:

  • Visit the cave of insanity (John Gruber's response to the article)
  • Take my word for it that he goes on with another Pro-Apple, Anti-Microsoft rant which as no bearing and no real truth and proceed to the next paragraph.

Welcome to the next section.. This is where your ally, one of the Hero's enters the story...

  • Read his account
  • Accept that David Maynor defends Vista and talks about how it's security is better than the security in OS X.

If you weren't afraid the first time... now is where the real challenge comes...

  • Re-enter the cave of insanity....
  • Accept a couple paragraphs that say nothing.

Finally... You can now join the Hero of our story inside the cave of insanity...

  • Join the Hero.
  • ... Ok... so this was pretty lame, but hey... I wanted something different.

As I said... some days I wish I was the DaringFireball.net... but all it takes is a couple of seconds of that to realize I'd rather have some knowledge and properly formed opinions instead of being a fanboy who likes to rant.

Anyways... Enjoy the read.

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