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Like data on the wire, so are the days of our infosec lives…

February 14th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes being in Infosec is a lot like being in a Soap Opera... which makes it fun to sit and watch from an outside point of view... You get attacks, name calling, insults, flame wars... When a blog moves to another site, it's like they've died and come back to life... It's a world filled with drama, suspense and occasionally the unrealistic...

A great example of the drama that is infosec has been created as a result of a press release from Acunetix, stating that "70% of websites are at immediate risk of being hacked".   Of course, these number *NEED* to be challenged... otherwise, we wouldn't have drama. The result.. a post on Network World with an "expert" calling the survey a crock. The response from Acunetix is posted on Network World with a response from their "expert".

Now Thomas Ptacek and Jeremiah Grossman have both commented on the issue and provided feedback... both saying that if anything Acunetix's numbers were actually low.

Then to add the humourous portion of our soap, Ptacek provides a humourous follow-up on Network World "expert" Joel Snyder's response... While it was a response to draw a laugh, it does provide a realistic read between the lines type feel.

Stay tuned for summary of tomorrow's edition of "Days of our InfoSec Lives"

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