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Awesome Blog Post on Uncovering Vulnerabilities

I just wanted to share a great blog post I found over on the TippingPoint Blog. Cody Pierce does a walk-through on how he found a vulnerability in Borland Interbase 2007. He sums up the post by saying, " I hope this has shed some light on how we go from 0 to 0day in under 30 minutes.".


So one of our advisories, TPTI-07-013 went out today. The issue is a remote code execution in Borland Interbase 2007. This is an interesting target for us because we accidentally stumbled on it. The story goes like this...

I was up late on wednesday night, as usual since we are all up late on wednesday nights, and decided to take a look at BakBone NetVault. Upon installing NetVault, I noticed a process listening on TCP port 3050. This process turned out to be the "Firebird SQL Server". When I found a vulnerability in that process, TPTI-07-11, I did some research on what Firebird SQL is. It turns out that at one point Borland open sourced Interbase. This is when the guys at Firebird decided to branch that source tree and start a free, open source version under the Firebird SQL moniker. So hey, if one product has a vulnerability, and it was forked from another products source, then maybe we should look at the other vendor. That's where Borland Interbase 2007 comes in. Since it has the same code base, I downloaded a trial and decided to play with it for a few minutes.

So what im trying to do in this blog post is go over how I found this bug. Hopefully some of this will serve as a "Auditing 101" how-to for network services. This bug was fairly easy to find, and should be good practice. Hey, maybe it will help you find other Interbase bugs.

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