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New IDA Pro Freeware

November 3rd, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Previously, I've written about IDA Pro freeware, which at the time was IDA Pro 4.3. It seems that the folks at DataRescue have decided to release a new version. IDA Pro 4.9 is now available as freeware and as they point out, it lacks the functionality of IDA Pro 5.x but it's still a fairly recent version to work with. Anyone interested can grab it from the DataRescue IDA Pro Freeware page. It'll go quite nicely with the new Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro book that was recently released by Syngress. Unfortunately, it won't be available in Canada until mid-November (at least via Chapters.ca) and that was who I had ordered it with, so I'll be waiting a little bit still. Either way, happy reversing with IDA Pro 4.9 Freeware.

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