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Has SBN Stopped Being Useful?

August 7th, 2009 9 comments

I think that the Security Bloggers Network (SBN) is amazing, so please don't misinterpret this post... I've provided the domain for the website and host a mailing list (although it was infrequently used even during the 2 months when people used it). Yet I have to wonder if it is perhaps becoming a little too large and if it requires a filter.

I know there have been debates in the past over whether or not SBN was full of noise and you can't really debate that... but it's full of noise in the way that twitter is full of noise... most of the noise is useful.

Let's take a look at the BrickHouse Security blog... first it should be stated that BrickHouse is an online storefront selling GPS Trackers, Spy Equipment, etc. Now let's look at some of their recent blog posts...

Taconic Car Accident Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided with Technology- For anyone who hasn't read it, or can't guess from the title... it's a blog post about a woman dying in a car accident... at least the first two paragraphs are. The second two? A write-up on how if she'd had a GPS Tracker in her car, she'd still be alive... Wait! What does BrickHouse sell again? Oh yeah... GPS Trackers. <-- I hope other people's stomachs turned... because mine sure did.

How about this post, spread FUD explaining bump keys (first thought: "Wait.. hasn't this been discussed everywhere for a couple years now, why bring this up now?"). Then I reached the last two paragraphs that contained the solution to bump keys... Biometric Locks -- Conventiently sold by BrickHouse Security (including a link to them)... with the following text:

These tools are the first step towards having a secure home and for thwarting the steps criminals take to get around security measures. As long as homeowners are smart and realize the technology that is at their disposal, the bogeyman will fade away.

I see... they can protect me. After all, we've never, NEVER, never seen biometrics bypassed!

I honestly don't see any value add from blogs like this being included with in SBN.