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RSA – At the Booth with Martin McKeay of Trustwave

April 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Q. What is your role at $vendor?
A. PCI QSA at TW.  or Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor at RSA

Q. What got you into IT/IS?
A. Innate geekiness.  Been playing with computers since the Ti99/4a

Q. What do you do outside of IT/IS?
A. There's a life outside of IT/IS?  When I'm not on the computer, I'm spending time with my wife and kids.  God help me when the kids get old enough to IM, tweet and play Halo.

Q. What are  you most looking forward to / what did you most enjoy about RSA this year?
A. The Security Bloggers Meetup.  I'm hosting it with Rich Mogull; I'd have to say that even if it wasn't true.

Q. Was this your first time at RSA? Will you return?
A. 4th RSA, and I'll be back as long as they'll let me return.

Q. What will you be doing at your both?
A. Good question.  No one's told me yet.  Seriously.

Q. Is there any swag available at your booth?
A. Another good question.

Q. If people wanted to chat with you when could they stop by the booth?
A. Tuesday, 1-4 or Thursday 11-1.  I may have to leave early on Tuesday to participate in the "Avoiding Security Groundhog Day" panel.

Q. Prediction for the future of IT/IS during 2009 and into 2010?
A. PCI is going to continue to be a big driver in the security market.  Unless the federal government decides they can do better, then all bets are off.

Q. Any comments?
A. Who's bringing the economy size bottle of Tylenol?

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